Creekside Elementary Student Handbook

 Arrival at School

The building opens at 8:00 a.m. for before school programs such as Choir, Drama Club, Dance Club, AM Computer programs, etc.  Students not in early programs should line up at their back pod doors when they arrive at school.  Teachers will pick up their class at the south doors at 8:45.  The tardy bell rings at 8:50.  In the case of inclement weather, students will come quietly into their pod and sit down on the floor until the bell rings.

Students eating breakfast at school should enter through the northwest cafeteria doors which will open at 8:15.  

 Students who arrive after the morning announcements and pledge should report to the office.  A parent will need to sign the child in or send a note with the child regarding the late arrival. 


Regular attendance is important to success at Creekside.  Students are expected to be present and punctual.  Utah state law requires that students should not exceed 12 absences in a school year.  Students absent three consecutive days or more must provide a doctor’s note upon their return to school. In the case of an absence/tardy, parents/guardians are asked to call the school by 9:00 a.m. on the first day of the absence.  Please give a reason for the absence as this helps us to keep current on childhood illnesses which are affecting our students.   At approximately 9:30 the Davis School District Call-out system will generate a call to homes of students not in attendance at school if the student has not been excused by a parent.

 Bikes, Skateboards, Skates

Students who ride bikes to school should park them in a bike rack and lock them up for protection.  Roller blades, rollers skates, skateboards are not to be brought to school.  Scooters are discouraged as there is no secure place for their storage.  They must be parked at the bike rack (locked is advised).  Students must walk their bikes on school property to avoid injury to pedestrians. 

 Dismissal of Students

For the safety of our students, children who leave school at a time other than regular dismissal times are to be dismissed to parents or guardians through the school office only.

Parents/Guardians must come to the office and sign their student out.  Be prepared to show identification.

Student will be called to the office.

No student is to leave school unless it is through the school office.  We cannot be too careful on this matter.

Students dismissed from the classroom (for doctor appointments. etc.) must be signed back in at the office by the parent/guardian upon their return.

  Dress Code

We take pride in the appearance of our students.  Dress reflects the quality of the school.  We expect students to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting to teachers or other students and does not disturb the orderly educational process of the school.  This policy is in line with Davis School District Policy 11R-108.  Students are expected to adhere to the appearance standards listed below. 

Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps and midriff tops are not allowed.  Shorts and skirts must be hemmed and not higher than the fingertips when arms are at the side and/or 4 inches above the knee.  Leggings must be worn with skirts not meeting this description.

Pants that are baggy, saggy or oversized may not be worn.  Pajama pants are not appropriate at school.   

Clothing which displays obscene, vulgar, lewd, disrespectful or sexually explicit words, messages or pictures, clothing that can be identified as “gang related”, and clothing which shows an illegal substance are not allowed. 

Clothing that depicts gang attire or worn in gang attire manner, will not be allowed. 

Hats may be worn to and from school, but not inside the classroom. 

Shoes appropriate for vigorous play at recess and during PE are required.  Slippers and flip flops are not appropriate for school. If a student wears sandals or open-toe shoes to school, they must have an alternate pair of shoes available (at school) for PE and recess periods.

Extreme hairstyle or hair colors are prohibited; hair colors must be natural.  Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, etc. will not be allowed.

Exaggerated cosmetics, body paint, or body piercing are prohibited.

Clothing attachments or accessories which could be considered weapons are prohibited.

 Emergency Procedures

An emergency plan has been developed which will insure the maximum efficiency and safety for evacuation of the building during drills or actual emergencies.  Instructions are posted in each classroom to follow during fire, earthquake, and other emergencies.  Drills are performed regularly and are to be taken seriously.  Students are expected to maintain quiet classroom conduct throughout the entire drill.  Parents are asked to complete an Emergency Card for their student listing names of those adults who could check out their child in an emergency.  In the case of an emergency, students will ONLY be released to persons 18 years or older and who are named on the Emergency Card.  It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school of any changes in contact information.

Health and Safe School Policies

Students do their best work at school if they are in the best possible physical and emotional health.  Although parents have the primary responsibility for their child’s health, school personnel are available to assist parents in maintaining, improving and promoting the health of their school-age child.  The following policies have been set up to help accomplish this.

Utah immunization laws require that all immunizations be current.  Without proof of immunization, your child will not be allowed to attend school unless an exemption based upon personal/religious practice is on file.

Students who are ill should not attend school to reduce the risk of infecting others.  If a student becomes ill at school, parents will be called.  If a parent is unable to take the student home, they will be allowed to rest in the office sick bed. 

Students are not permitted to possess drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or weapons (pretend or real).  Anyone found to possess any of these items at school will be referred to district case management or to local authorities. 

Harassment and fighting are not tolerated in school and could result in suspension. 

Snowballs should not be thrown on school property.  Thrown objects can hurt people and damage property. 

Please refer to Creekside Schoolwide Discipline Point System and “Statement of Nondiscrimination and Notice of Polices” (in following pages) for more detailed information.    


We believe homework is an extension of the learning process.  We recommend each student have a plan, place, and procedure for homework.  Parents should regularly check 'myDSD' for student assignment status including missing assignments.  Check teacher’s individual disclosures for homework procedures.   Students who will be out of school for vacation and/or travel may request homework from the teacher and it is expected that make-up work will be completed within a week of returning to school unless special arrangements are made. 


Lunch payments are made directly to the Davis District Nutrition Department.  Money or checks may also be paid directly to the lunchroom clerk at Creekside.  Teachers will gather these payments each morning and forward them to the lunch clerk.  Students will be provided a note when lunch account is depleted or low.  Lunch will not be provided for students without lunch credit.  Students are welcome to bring home lunch and purchase milk through the lunch clerk.

 Students at Creekside have a 20 minute recess prior to being served lunch.  Hand sanitizer is provided at the lunchroom entry for student use.  Students have a 20 minute lunch period.

 The lunchroom at Creekside is a convenience for faculty, staff, students, and district personnel.   As such, students enter the lunchroom in a respectful and organized manner.  Lunchroom supervisors are available to assist students and help them be seated.  Students are expected to use quiet voices, be respectful, and remain seated at their table until excused by the lunchroom supervisor.  To help maintain a clean and inviting area, students are asked to dispose of leftovers and waste in garbage cans before they exit the lunch area.   All food is to be consumed before leaving the lunchroom.           

Phone Use

Telephones are available in every classroom and the office for school use and for emergencies.  Students may use a school telephone only with teacher permission.  Cellular phones, pagers, walkie talkies and other electronic communications devices are to be turned off and left in student backpacks during the school day.    If these items are activated during the school day, teachers will retain them until parents pick them up (first offense) or turn item over to administration.


Progress Reports

End of term progress reports will be available on line through 'myDSD' the Friday following the end of each term.  In addition, teachers may choose to give out interim progress reports.  Parents may be required to sign reports and return them to the teacher. Twice a year, SEP conferences will be scheduled for each student and their parents to join with the teacher to celebrate the student’s progress.  Parents are encouraged to call or meet with teachers to discuss questions or concerns regarding school achievement or behavior at other times if needed.

 School Closures

In the event of severely inclement weather or mechanical breakdown, school may be closed or the starting time delayed.  The same conditions may also necessitate early dismissal from school.  School closure, delayed starting time, or early dismissal will be announced over local radio and television stations.  Reports in the morning will be between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.  If no report is heard, it can be assumed that school will be in session.  It is assumed that parents will make the final decision on whether their child can safely come to school according to weather reports/conditions.

 Toys at School

Students are asked to not bring computer games, tape recorders, CD players, radios, walkie talkies, or any other kinds of toys to school unless instructed to do so for a special classroom activity.


Parents are encouraged to visit the school, but all visitors are asked to check in at the school office.  Parents wishing to visit with teachers should arrange an appointment in advance with the teacher or school office.  Only Creekside Elementary students are permitted to attend classes and to participate in school activities. 

Creekside Elementary Daily Schedule


Breakfast Served


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Tardy Bell Rings


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2nd and 5th Afternoon Recess


1st and 4th Afternoon Recess


3rd and 6th Afternoon Recess


Dismissal Monday-Thursday


Early Out Dismissal (every Friday)


Kindergarten AM Schedule


Tardy Bell Rings


Dismissal Monday-Thursday


Early Out Dismissal (every Friday)


Kindergarten PM Schedule


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Dismissal Monday-Thursday


Early Out Dismissal (every Friday)


 (updated 12/1/2020)