Attendance Policy

Does School Attendance Matter?  Yes!

According to the University of Utah, chronic absenteeism in Utah is pervasive, with approximately 1/7 students chronically absent every year.  Chronic absenteeism is associated with low scores and low grades.  It is an early warning sign of future academic problems.
*It is critical students are in school in order to receive direct instruction and participate in class discussions.
 Please help your student's academic success by planning vacations during breaks and holidays, scheduling appointments for after school, and by making sure your student(s) are at school EVERY day!
 Be On Time and Stay All Day!


Regular attendance is important to success at Creekside.  Students are expected to be present and punctual.  Utah state law requires that students should not exceed 12 absences in a school year.  Students absent three consecutive days or more must provide a doctor’s note upon their return to school. In the case of an absence/tardy, parents/guardians are asked to call the school by 9:00 a.m. on the first day of the absence.  Please give a reason for the absence as this helps us to keep current on childhood illnesses which are affecting our students.   At approximately 9:30 the Davis School District Call-out system will generate a call to homes of students not in attendance at school if the student has not been excused by a parent.